The Myconian cuisine

Mykonos may be best known for its nightlife as well as its beaches, but you should not forget two other aspects that make this unique island worth visiting: the warm hospitality which the locals are known for, and the traditional cuisine of Mykonos. The island offers its visitors dishes from a cuisine based on the Mediterranean diet, thus making them both delicious and healthy.

No Greek meal starts without the appetizers, which Greeks call "Meze". These small dishes may be as simple as vegetables with olive oil and salt, or even contain more exotic treats such as octopus and other fish food. An appetizer that has its origins on the island is "kopanisti", a soft and spicy cheese paste which finely accompanies other meze dishes. Another traditional appetizer of the island is "Mostra", which basically consists of a rusk with olive oil sliced tomatoes, the above mentioned kopanisti, and oregano. Salads play a very important part of the Cycladic diet, with the most loved one being the traditional "choriatiki salata", which means village salad.

Regarding the main dishes, you will find most kinds of meat as well as games, but we strongly encourage you to taste the fresh seafood that you'll easily find everywhere on the island. One of the favorite seafood dishes that the locals prefer are the red fish called "Barbounia", as well as the Lobster spaghetti, usually served for four.

Other dishes that are classics when in Greece, are the famous Moussaka and Pastitsio, always suggested by the locals if one has never tried them before. Last but not least, you should at least try once, what is considered the fast food of Greece, the famous "souvlaki" or "Gyros". Always a favorite to the kids, the souvlaki consists of a pita bread, containing slices of chicken or pork, with tomatoes, potatoes, sliced onion, and tzatziki (yoghurt and cucumber mixed with garlic) sauce.

At a glance, the gastronomy of Mykonos may at first look simple. But the taste lies in the traditional ingredients, which are pure and often homemade. You will find traditional taverns serving the best that the island has to offer, mainly in the Chora of Mykonos, but all over the island as well.

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