Armenistis Lighthouse

The lighthouse of Armenistis is one of the must-see monuments, especially if you visit the island of Mykonos for the first time.

Situated on the north-west side of the island, about a couple hundred meters above sea level, the spot provides excellent view at all times during the day, although the most ideal time for a visit would be during the evening if you are interested in taking pictures, or at night. Don't get carried by the view at stay long though after dark though, as the return will be tricky and nightlife of Mykonos is what the night is all about, after all.

Although you will need a car in order to access this sport and the ride there is not particularly pleasant, the magnificent view of the Aegean sea compensates all visitors.

The lighthouse of Armenistis was built on the late 19th century due to the sinking of a ship near the island. Today the lighthouse is not operated. It is a shame that such a lovely monument of the island is not being preserved at a better state, but we encourage you to visit it, if it is your first time here nonetheless.

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