Nightlife in Mykonos

If there is one thing that really stands out in Mykonos, and one that the island is most well known for, this has to be its nightlife. Although people can have peaceful and relaxing holidays with their families and loved ones, most of its visitors are here for the endless parties, the wild nightlife, the vibe of the island.

Mykonos easily showcases the best scene of all of Cyclades, as far as nightlife is considered. Parties get going way before the sunset, at the many beachbars on the magnificent beaches of Mykonos. The Chora and Little Venice feature many bars, where the music is always loud cocktails and drinks of all kinds of drinks are being served non stop. Some of the best bars, nightclubs and beachclubs are listed below:

  • The famous Scandinavian bar. Always overcrowded, the Scandinavian bar is a great meeting spot.
  • Guzel in Mykonos town, one of the most loved nightclubs of Athens is now a favourite spot of Mykonos. Overcrowded as well, but sure to provide you and your friends a great time.
  • Space located in Mykonos town, perhaps the oldest nightclub on the island!
  • Scarpa bar, maybe the most renowned and beloved bar in the Little Venice district. 
  • Cavo Paradiso. This "venue" (not sure if this is a nightclub or a beachclub-you'll have to decide for yourselves when you get there) is world famous for its parties and its guest djs. Cavo Paradiso is considered as one of the best clubs in Europe.
  • The beach club venue of Psarrou, featuring luxurious parties and famous djs. You'll easily spot some celebrities there as well!

Nightlife on the island usually starts with a walk at the Chora (capital of Mykonos), for something to eat or for shopping. After that, the possibilities for nightlife and partying are simply endless.

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