Chora Mykonos

The Chora of Mykonos, or Mykonos town, or plainly referred to as Chora, is a typical Cycladic village and the capital town of Mykonos. It is a typical Cycladic village, filled with traditionally built white houses, churches and chapels, shops of all kinds and taverns. Located on the western side of the island and less than 5km from both the port and the airport of Mykonos, you should have no trouble reaching this beautiful place.

Either if you have just arrived on the island, if you don't feel like going to the beach, or if you are simply on a hungover (it seems to be common with visitors of the island) from last night's partying, Chora will welcome you. The narrow streets (called "sokakia" or "calderimia" by the locals) with the iconic Cycladic style white houses with the blossomed flowers are great for taking a walk and some pictures as well. From there you may end up in one of the many shops located here: shops selling souvenirs, traditional items, traditional food and sweets and even clothing stores. From inexpensive clothing stores, ideal for gifts to your beloved ones, to the best designer brands, you'll find it all here. Regarding eating places, again you won’t be disappointed by the cusine of Mykonos: Chora has all kinds of fast foods, taverns and gourmet luxurious dining propositions for you. For a cup of coffee or an early cocktail or drink, we recommend visiting the famous district of Little Venice, which is particularly crowded at night.

Chora also has an archaeological museum since 1902, where you'll see various exhibits, most of which come from the historically important island of Delos, and from Rheneia as well. Such exhibits include statues, pottery, jewelry, clay figurines, and funerary statues. Due to its rich maritime history, it's no surprise you'll also find a nautical museum, as well as a folklore museum.

Although the beaches of Mykonos are what you are here for, walking and seeing the beauty of Chora is like tasting a traditional part of Greece, something truly unforgettable.

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