Little Venice

Even if you have never been on the island before, there are good chances that you will have already heard of Little Venice. This small area is situated on the western part of the Chora (Mykonos town), making it probably the most easily accessible place of interest for you to visit.

The buildings in this small district have been constructed with their balconies literally half-hanging above the sea, giving its visitors the feeling they could be at the canals of Venice, thus giving this famous spot its name. It is said that mostly during the 17th and 18th centuries, piracy was common in the area and this spot was extensively used for its advantageous access to sea, for loading ships with the island's stolen goods.

Nowadays, Little Venice is one of the most cosmopolitan places in Mykonos, and one that is really "alive" 24/7. You may enjoy a rather peaceful cup of espresso in the morning, brunch at noon, a cocktail in the evening, and of course lots of drinks at night, when Little Venice shines the most and when you will witness its very special vibe and atmosphere.

If you plan on taking pictures, the best time of day would probably be in the evening, so that you may enjoy the view of the magnificent sunset colors in the sky along with your glass of wine or a premium cocktail from one the bars there, which occupy some of the best bartenders on the island! Some of the most loved bars of Little Venice are Semeli bar, Caprice, Galleraki, the gay-friendly Rhapsody bar, and last but not least, Scarpa bar.

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